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May 5th, 2007, 1:01 pm


Ok, so I've been very bored today... for the past couple of days actually, thats not the point. for some reason I got it into my head to draw Cat versions of the QWERTY team. I'd post them up here but their a little... erm... Hand drawn. I dont have a scanner, but thats no excuse. I'll try to get access to one ASAP. anyway. The comic today was another off shot of the cat thing... I honestly have no idea what its about... but I may soon find out.

A game review...
Pokemon Diamond
Their tried and true game play method is evident in this new title, so little has changed since the Ruby game if it werent for the big Diamond sign at the main opening screen you'd swear it was the same game.
This said the graphics have improved a little, and there are many more pokemon. the Day/Dusk/Night thing is back from silver and gold. and the story is as twisty turney as ever. admittedly the starting pokemon look like something they thought up while smoking weed (which wouldnt surprise me... a lot of the pokemon look like their the produce of some sort of illegle experimentation, drug based or otherwise) besides the lack of new things its a great game. Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. must have been using the old notion of "What aint broke dont fix"
overall I like the game... its the utter geek within's cat-nip... again with the cat refrences... wierd.

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